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Half a Million!!

Pro Care continues to intently pursue their Vision of "Shifting the Outcome of our geriatric population through preventive medicine". Over the last 5 years Pro Care has worked with clients to provide preventive medicine through Annual Wellness Visits, Chronic Care Management Visits and Remote Patient Monitoring.

Pro Care has completed over 500,000 visits! This is a huge milestone on the way to seeing the Vision come to fruition. To-date Pro Care has created over $22 million in revenue for our clients. Even more important than the revenue created is the Chronic Care Management Task that have been created from the services provide:



Medication or Medical Chart Updates


Nurse Follow Up for Current Medical Issues


Patients Triaged for Urgent Medical Needs


Patients Rescheduled for Appointments


Patients Scheduled for Future Appointments


Patients Scheduled for Overdue Appointments


Pro Care Innovations is dedicated to providing high quality Preventive Medicine to our geriatric population. PCI continues to thrive in building relationships with patients and filling the Gaps in Care.


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