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Remote Patient Monitoring

Free In-Home Devices for Medicare Patients

Manage Your Patient's Chronic Conditions with Remote Patient Monitoring

PCI is the fastest - growing remote patient monitoring platform empowering doctors to manage their chronic patients remotely and proactively engage them to avoid expensive, episodic care and drive a higher quality of life. When a Medicare patient receives a PCI medical device, it’s at no cost to them, fully configured, and ready to use out of the box — no smartphone, app, Bluetooth, or WiFi required. Reduce episodic care and improve patient care by continuously monitoring high-risk seniors in your population

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Learn More About Remote Patient Monitoring

Patients can share information between visits about chronic conditions including (but not limited to):
Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure
PCI devices are ready to use out of the box so your patients can start getting the care they need, today!
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Platform & Devices

Access your patients’ data anytime with our Provider Portal. 

Get accurate and up-to-date patient health data to inform patient visits and preemptively manage patient care before costly episodic events occur. The data is designed to inform you of health trends and alert you when a patient is at-risk or out of a healthy range.

Our Blood Glucose Meter consists of the meter itself, test strips, and control solution. The glucose meter uses a small drop of fresh capillary whole blood placed on the test strip to produce an electrical current which is read by the meter to produce a glucose level reading. The meter displays the result within 5 seconds to your patient and streams that information directly into the Provider Portal.

Our Blood Pressure Cuff sends fast and accurate reading using an advanced measuring technique.  Patient blood pressure measurement is automatically sent to the Provider Portal.  

Our Digital Weight Scale enables providers to remotely monitor crucial changes in patient mass providing insights that are critical for patients with congestive heart failure or weight-related health issues like obesity. Medicare pays $700 per patient per year for remote monitoring services for patients.

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How it Works

Clinic Prescribes RPM Devices to Chronic Patients

Doctors and nurses recommend devices that capture, store, and transmit physiological data. PCI provides all the hardware, connectivity, and patient support.

PCI Reviews Patient Data (Monthly And Alerts)

PCI Care Team Coordinators monitor patient data and alerts to identify at-risk patients and communicate with the provider(s) for them to intervene when needed.

Receive Medicare Reimbursements

Medicare pays $700 per patient per year for remote monitoring services for patients.


The Economics for Providers

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