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About Us

About Pro Care Innovations

Who is Pro Care Innovations?

Pro Care Innovations provides preventive care to geriatric patients while diversifying clinic revenue streams.

What does Pro Care Innovations do?

Pro Care Innovations collaborates with provider(s) to generate new revenue by providing Chronic Care Management and Annual Wellness Visits to geriatric patients.

Why would someone want to work with Pro Care Innovations?

Pro Care Innovations has created millions of dollars in new revenue to practices while reducing catastrophic events and increasing the lifespan of our geriatric population.  


We are:
  • Customer service driven

  • Provide a la carte services

  • Offer competitive rates


Our Mission and Vision

To improve the quality of life for our geriatric population and create an environment for healthcare to be patient focused through collaboration with healthcare providers.
Shifting the outcomes of our geriatric population through preventive care.
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