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Chronic Care Mangement

About CCM

What is Chronic Care Management (CCM)?

CCM is a program put in place by CMS in order to pay practices  to provide routine monthly patient interactions, with the goal of being able to identify and manage changes in the patient’s chronic conditions. The goal of CCM is to provide preventive medicine and prevent catastrophic events to your geriatric population.

What is required to complete a CCM?
  • 2 or more Chronic Conditions

  • 20 minutes of monthly monitoring by a member of the healthcare staff

  • Individualized Care Plan

  • Medication Reconciliation

  • Care Transition Assistance

  • Preventive Screening Encouragement

What are the goals of CCM?
  • Engage members in preventive medicine

  • Empower patients to manage health

  • Reduce ER and Hospital visits


Why partner with PCI for CCM?
  • 50%+ Patient engagement in CCM- (actual participation as achieved with multiple physician practices)

  • Quality reporting and data

  • Increase in Overall patient care

  • Highly trained and seasoned CCM staff

Ask us more about our Chronic Care Management program.
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