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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can a specialist or speciality group participate?
    Absolutely, many times a specialist will become a "primary" provider to a patient. CMS will allow a claim to be billed once a month for each Medicare beneficary that meets the requirements of Chronic Care Management, allowing specialist as well as PCP's to provide this service.
  • Can primary care physicians still make money?
    Absolutely! The key to continuing to thrive through payment reform is to DIVERSIFY REVENUE STREAMS.
  • How will I keep my practice open when fee-for-service is cut in half in 2018?
    When seeing more patients is no longer an option, the only thing left to do is find ways to increase revenue without adding more work for you or your staff. PCI has the solution to help you work smarter not harder.
  • Will CMS make more reimbursement cuts and tighten regulations?
    There is no surefire answer to this question, however, we know that payment reform, tighter regulations, and more cuts in fee-for-service are inevitable.
  • Should I/we sell our clinic to a hospital? Is it time to retire?
    Absolutely not! With the PCI solution, you can make more revenue than ever before and remain an independent provider. Retirement is something only you can decide. If you are considering it as an option, let PCI show you how together we can raise the overall value of your practice and ultimately make more money off the sale.
  • How can I possibly see any more patients in a day, week, month, year?"
    PCI's unique methods allow clinics to focus on their current patient base while PCI focuses on increasing and diversifying revenue without adding extra work and/or expenses to the clinic.
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