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100,000 (What a Milestone!!)

Today is a great day at Pro Care Innovations. As of yesterday afternoon, we have now completed over 100,000 Chronic Care Management visits. What a milestone achievement for us in just 2 short years. More exciting then the number of Chronic Care visits is what this means for our patients. As we continue to grow as a company our vision is clearer than ever.

We are actively, “Shifting the outcome of the geriatric population through preventive care

We would like to take a moment to thank our:

Care Team Coordinators - for the work they do everyday providing Chronic Care to our patients, they are relentlessly pursuing the mission and vision of Pro Care.

Patients – our patients trust our staff to provide them with preventive measures and actions to keep them young and health

Partners – our partners have entrusted us to care for their patients and provide them with preventive measures to ensure the best care and communication with each patient

100,000 is much more than a number times our Care Team Coordinators have:

• Regularly checked-in to assess symptoms and progress

• Answered questions about conditions and treatment

• Reviewed prescribed medications and assisted with refills as needed.

• Ensured patients are receiving preventative care in a timely manner

• Assisted with scheduling follow-up appointments with provider

• Assist with care transitions between healthcare providers

Here’s to the next 100,000 Chronic Care visits!!!

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